Aluminum Figure 8

Aluminum Figure 8


We are excited that you are considering taking on a little more individuality and indepenence with your aerial arts training. 

These Figure 8's are rated for 45Kn of pound force, is about 6.7 inches long, and come in black. They are made of aluminum metal material and can be used for rigging aerial hammocks and aerial silks.
For this option you will find that we use and resell Fusion Branded climbing hardware. This brand has been used throughout aerial studios for years and is a trusted and noteable.

We are also proud to offer a wide variety of 30+ fabric colors and relevant services which you can check out in the shop! ^_^


Helpful Purchasing Tips:

Kilonewtons (Kn, kn) are the rating units used to measure how many pounds of force can typicaly be handled by this piece of equipment. 

1 Kilonewton equals about 224.809 pounds of dynamic force

It is recommended that aerial equipment be able to take at most minimum 3000 pounds of dynamic force, or about 14KN,  due to the nature of our swinging, twisting, partnering, and, of course, dropping.

(It is more typically recommended to look for equipment to support at least ~5000 pounds of dynamic force, or 22.24Kn).

You will see our equipment ratings goes quite a bit beyond that to better ensure long lasting use at varied force.

If you are taking on aerial as a career pathway, you will want to know more about the intricavies of aerial rigging and it is highly recommended that you take an actual rigging course/workshop with a recommended and recognized aerial rigger. 

The information being provded in this description is only meant to provide a very base, universal understood standard of safety to help you make a more informed purchase.

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