Grip Aides

Grip Aides


We are excited that you are considering taking on a little more individuality and indepenence with your aerial arts training. 

We are proud to offer a wide variety of 30+ fabric colors and relevant services. 

For this option you will find an powder shaker rosin option and a Spray aerosol option.

they are both meant for topical use only and are recommended to use on hands, knee pits, and feet as needed.


Helpful Tips:

If you are freally stuggling with your grip and predominantly using rosin during indoor classes with controlled temperature environments, you should consider the powder rosin over spray. The spray produces a stronger hold and greater support, hjowever it does not last as long, usually requires more frequent application, due the liquidity it can cause more build up in the fabrics and does not typically support grip development as much.

Spray grip aids are more typically suited for aerialists who have already developed their grip strength and occasionally need additional support due to temperature control changes, unpredicatable fabric texture and tac for a performance, and/or outdoor performance/training.

It is also recommended to not use sprays on studio fabrics shared by other aerial students and coaches.

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