Hammock & Silk Bundles

Hammock & Silk Bundles

("Quantity" is in Yards.)


We are excited that you are considering taking on a little more individuality and indepenence with your aerial arts training. 

We are proud to offer 30+ colors as well as relevant services. 

For this option you will find that the base order amount is 9 yards and that is due to being able to apply our bundle discount. 

All of our fabrics are 40 Denier Tricot Nylon, which is the standard for all levels of aerial skill. These are also known as the low to no stretch fabrics that will be found in most all-level studios. 


Your Bundle Includes, a biner-swivel-biner combo and 1 figure 8, choice of Grip Aide, and Optional Pre-Rigging to Figure 8, "Standard" or "Interlocked" (reference last 2 product photos) assembly. If you choose to have your bundle "Pre-Rigged," we will send you a personal video showing your fabric being rigged so you can see how it was done for your future reference. 


As you choose your length, you will see the price increase. That is to accommodate the cost of the entire bundle versus just the cost per yard of fabric.

Although you are choosing your length in the drop down  menu, that is only to ensure the correct final amount per yard for the bundle, you will still need to choose your # of yards in the "Quantity" box (reference 2nd to last product photo).

We do not at this time offer the more medium high stretch fabrics.


If you would like a length longer than 22 yards, inquire directly and we will check you out on the backend, no additional charge.


Helpful Tips for Ordering:

1 yard equals 3 feet.

For aerial hammock & silks, you will typically be folding that fabric in half for rigging purposes, unless rigging two fabrics to create a dual colored fabric set up.


For a hammock, we typically recommend at least 9 yards of fabric, which equates to 27 feet of fabric, and folds over to 13.5 feet of fabric. Once all together with your hardware, with a typical biner-swivel-biner-figure 8 set up, you will likely land closer to 12-13 ft long, with at least one foot worth of tails (about 6 inches on each side of the figure 8) and about one foot wrapped into the hardware.

The additional Carabiner can add about 4.5 inches, or a CarabinerCabriner-Swivel-Carabiner set up adds about 1 foot more of length.


For a silk, you should aim to cover the height of your most frequently used aerial spaces and add about 9 feet or 3 yards to 12 feet or 4 yards, to leave 4.5-6ft of each tail on the floor. This will add weight to the fabric and give room for low wrapping.


We hope this information will help you make an educated decision in regards to how much length to order. If unsure, you can always go a little longer for hammocks, 10+ yards, and rig shorter with longer tails on each side of the figure 8, therefore resulting in a short silks and longer hammock option.

You can also always inquire directly if you need a bit more consultation in regards to fabric length at hiya@thecircupaintclubhouse.com.

  • Circus Paint does not process refunds once a product's payment has been processed. However you can request to have something changed Up Through the Shippment of the order.

    However, if you choose to switch any products out, you should expect a delay of 4-10 days.

    You can choose to return a product in order to change it out. Return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer.

    If you find that your product has been damaged, you have 48hrs from the product's arrival to provide photo and/or video evidence of the damage. You should reach out directly to hiya@thecircuspaintclubhouse.com with the subject line "Damaged."

    Within the body of the email you should include your original purchase confirmation and evidence of damage and we will do our best to replace the product in a reasonable amount of time.

    You will be expected to return the item and that shipping will be the responsibility of the customer, however the shipment of the replacement item will be solely the responsibility of Circus Paint.

    For further questions or clarifications reach out directly. hiya@thecircuspaintclubhouse.com

  • Shipping will be through UPS and USPS.

    Order Processing will typically take 4-7 days.

    Order Shipping will typically take  4-7 days.

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