The Circus Paint Workbook- Fabrics

The Circus Paint Workbook- Fabrics

These are in progress and will be available May 2021!

These workbooks are meant to be a companion tool for those who have begun their journey to exploring the aerial world of aerial arts. It makes a great tool for those seeking to develop a career in aerial arts. For our prospective an aerial arts coaches, it is meant to be paired with our Circu Paint Curriculum Workbook. 

The workbook is over 90 pages of tools, informative text, prompts, challenges, journalling exercises, checklists and templates for Beginner to Intermediate aerial Silks!

Our workbooks are great with any aerial instructor training program and/or can serve you and your coach in finding some direction in getting you trained in.


15% of Profits from this workbook will go towards Vivid Black Paint, an organization based in Minneapolis Minnesota being built to support Black artists and Artists of color in better aligning with their creative goals and aimed at providing more oportunites for the community to observe arts by B+POC artists.

Find out more about Vivid Black Paint at .


15% of Profits from this workbook will go twoards the Uncle Junior Project, a great effort to archive, preserve and present the history of African Descented peoples in the American Circus world. 

Find out more about The Uncle Junior Project at

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